Comment Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - 11/9/09

Oh Boy! Jessica Rabbit was really hot in this animation. For those of you that have not seen “Who framed Roger Rabbit?”, the story line is as follow!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Roger Rabbit is a cartoon character or so to speak the “Toon star” who (along with many others) exists along side of real humans. Roger was afraid that his wife Jessica Rabbit was playing pattycake with someone else and therefore hired a private detective namely Eddie who hated toons, Eddie lost his brother at the hands of toons. To make things worse, Roger got framed for the murder of Marvin Acme the owner of Acme Corporations and Toontown, the actual culprit that fooled around with Rogers wife. Its all up to Eddie to clear Rogers name and to protect and save Jessica and Roger from the evil villain Judge Doom, who wants to destroy all the toons with a deadly chemical.

Comment Bionic Six - 10/22/09

Wow, Yet another entertaining animation from the 80’s.  Bionic Six, hmmmmm, can you guys remember?

Thanks to metacafe for a little background on the storyline.

The main character, ‘Bionic-1’, was a machine-enhanced human being using bionic technology, much like The Six Million Dollar Man. On one of his missions, Bionic-1 brought his family along so they could enjoy some skiing after the mission ended. There was an avalanche caused by a landing UFO and the Bennetts were all buried alive under radioactive snow. All, but Jack (whose bionics made him immune to the radioactivity), were thrown into paralytic comas. Unsure how to save them, Bionic-1 brings the family to Professor Sharp’s lab. Sharp deduces that giving everyone the bionic treatment would cure them of the radioactivity too. Each family member was given a specific bionic power, and they formed a team named Bionic Six.

1908 Era - Bionic SIX

1908 Era - Bionic SIX

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Comment He man and the masters of the universe - 09/17/09

Remember this cartoon character?


It was every boy’s dream to be like he-man. He-man was like Chuck Norris but just the cartoon version 😉 Looking at the clip below, I can’t believe that it could have been entertaining at all, I mean my daughter will not watch more than 5 minutes of this, she will say that “Barney is more entertaining”. Never the less, I have to admit that I enjoyed watching this when I was a kid!

Comment Thundercats - 09/17/09

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, hooooooooooaa!!


I was watching a few of the thundercats clips last night, and amazingly, I could remember some of the words and scenes. Surely this made an impression on most kids back in the 80’s. Let us know what you think!


The Thundercats Crew:

  • Lion-O
  • Panthro
  • Cheetara
  • Tygra
  • Wilykat
  • Wilykit
  • Snarf & Jaga

Comment Gummi Bears - 09/16/09

If you were born in the 80’s then you will know what I’m talking about 🙂

Can you remember those bears? Yes, Gummi Bears. They had that special juice or the so called Gummi berry juice, the potion which gave them a great boost, they could jump like crazy. It was an awesome show. I never missed one.

Download the theme song of Gummi Bears for free, what a classic! Gummi Bears

Nice, isn’t it? Would you like to sing along? Well, here are the lyrics… …

Gummi Bears Lyrics

Dashing and daring, courageous and caring
Faithful and friendly with stories to share
All through the forest they sing out in chorus
Marching along as their song fills the air

Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere
High adventure that’s beyond compare.
They are the Gummi Bears

Magic and mystery are part of their history
Along with the secret of Gummi Berry Juice
The legend is growing they take part in knowing
They fight for what’s right in whatever they do…… now back to the chorus ….

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